WWS Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Managing Director and Founder

Favourite Wine/Variety: A question I often get asked and one that is still impossible to answer! My job has always been to ensure the shelves are filled with great wines for lots of different occasions so narrowing down to one style is nearly impossible. If really pushed though I do love good Grand Cru Chablis… and Vintage Port……and old Riesling! Told you it was nearly impossible…

Wine Hero: I really admire and respect Steve Daniels the head buyer at Novum Wines and Hallgarten Druit wines one of our suppliers. Steve was the head buyer of Oddbin’s during the 80’s and 90’s when they were hugely influential in training a generation of this country’s current wine professionals. He was responsible for bringing Chilean wines and Greek wines to the UK for the first time. He seems to have a pioneering spirit to find new wines, new regions and bring them to the UK. He also has a fantastically sharp palate. I have been privileged to taste with Steve a number of times and I have always been hugely impressed (and inspired) with his knowledge and passion.

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