Old Curiosity Gin Lavender & Echinacea (single bottle)



"Infused with the restorative qualities of Lavender with the petals of an Echinacea flower, and breathe. If ever a good gin could comfort the soul it would be this. Pour with your favourite tonic and watch the colour change! FREE DELIVERY IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 10 MILES OF THE WHALLEY WINE SHOP. (£4.99 elsewhere in mainland UK). "

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With over 30 year’s experience in the drinks trade and a passion for creating unique tipples from glorious natural ingredients, Hamish began experimenting. Beginning with Apothecary Rose, an ancient ingredient in tonics, he discovered a natural reaction that can only be explained by the magic of nature; a natural colour change, the magical beginning of Secret Garden Gin.

1 x 50cl bottle

£33.99 £28.99