Low Sulphur Mixed Case (case of 6)

Mixed Case


"We’ve put together a quality case of 6 wines, 3 red and 3 white, all with sulphur levels under 25mg/l, to allow you to explore and discover the flavours of Sulphur Free wines. The move to using very low levels of sulphur, or not adding any at all, is linked to the ‘Natural’ wine movement. The idea that adding anything unnecessary (sulphites) or taking anything away (filtering) reduces the genuineness of the wine. FREE DELIVERY IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 10 MILES OF THE WHALLEY WINE SHOP (£6.99 elsewhere in mainland UK)."

Low sulphur mixed case includes: 1 x Vachnadziani Winery, Krakhuna, Imereti, Georgia (Sulphur level: 25mg/l) 1 x Louise Chéreau, ‘Katharos’, Muscadet Sans Soufre Ajouté, France (Sulphur level: 25mg/l) 1 x Viña Echeverría, ‘No es Pituko’, Chardonnay, Valle de Curicó, Chile (Sulphur level: 8.64mg/l) 1 x Badiola, Tempranillo de Laderas, Rioja, Spain (Sulphur level: 24mg/l) 1 x Viña Echeverría, ‘No es Pituko’, Cabernet Franc, Valle de Curicó, Chile (Sulphur level: 3.2mg/l) 1 x Château de Campuget, ‘1753’, Syrah Sans Sulfites, Vin de France (Sulphur level: 10mg/l)

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12 x 75cl bottle