Malts & Spirits

The world of spirits can be equally as interesting and as diverse as wine, and we like to the think that our shelves reflect that fact! We’re passionate about sourcing the finest spirits from across the world so that whether it’s Malts or Mescal that you’re after, we won’t disappoint.



We have a compact range of malt whiskies in the shop with a good 60+ available, ranging from £25 to £200+. We have tried to steer clear of the ‘obvious’ and create a more eclectic and specialised range, meaning that most of what we sell you won’t be able to find in any supermarkets.

We have some interesting collectable whiskies and also whiskies from other parts of the world not just Scotland! The range is constantly changing as we taste and find exciting new options. We work closely with Gordon and Macphail, one of the largest whisky dealers in Speyside with access to some of the finest whisky in the world.

As always if you are looking for a special bottle we are more than happy to try and hunt it down for you and get you a quote.

Pop in and see what we have in stock.

Other Spirits

Other Spirits

If vodka and tequila is more your thing, then we can help with that too! We’re really proud of the diverse range of spirits that we’ve got from across the world. You’ll be hard pushed to find a type of spirit that we don’t stock at least one bottle of. We work with a number of suppliers to bring in the highest quality spirits we can find, from rum to Eau de Vie, brandy to Cachaça. So if you’re looking for a quirky gift for someone, or have a niche interest in a certain type of spirit, then please pop down and let us talk you through the range. We won’t let you down!

Other Spirits
Tom Recommends

Tom recommends

Throughout his years in the industry Tom has tasted his fair share of Wines, Beers and Spirits, and knows a quality product when he sees it! Take a look at Tom's top picks to give you a flavour of what we stock in-store, and perhaps some inspiration for when you need that extra special something.

Mackmyra Skordetid Swedish Single Malt Whiskey

The result of a collaboration between Mackmyra and Masi, this seasonal release marks the first time the Swedish producers have used Masi Costasera Amarone casks to finish one of its single malt whiskies.

Spicy, fruity and herbal with warm vinous notes of grapes and a hint of minerals. Round oak notes of vanilla and aromas of anise, ginger raisins, pear fudge and vanilla.

1 x 70cl bottle


Chase Espresso Vodka

Another proud creation from the Chase Distillery that combines Chase English Potato Vodka with the finest Ethiopian coffee beans.

Made in Herefordshire, England, this vodka is pleasantly sweet without being overpowering, the coffee is dark and strong but balanced nicely by creamy vanilla and smooth honey. Pinches of black cherry around a bitter chocolatey finish.

1 x 70cl bottle


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a Caribbean black spiced rum and is named after the kraken, a mythical giant squid-like sea monster.

Dark, rich palate. Thick with molasses and tar, and a barrage of cinnamon, golden syrup, nutmeg and charred oak.

1 x 70cl bottle