Rachel Wallhouse

Product Marketing Manager

Fave region/variety: I love an oaked white wine, in particular, Chardonnay!  It is the most famous vine variety of all, and can be made in so many different ways. From the crisp and unoaked white wines of Burgundy, to the opulent and creamy (when aged in barrel) wines of America. Let’s not forget that there’s not just a wide range of dry white wines, but also delicate sparkling wines and even a few extremely successful sweet white wines made with the benefit of ‘noble rot’. There is a Chardonnay for all occasions!!

Wine Hero: It has to be Jancis Robinson, who has a great outlook on wine tasting and learning. She’s a Master of Wine and really knows her stuff!

“We all have very different sensitivities (and preferences – quite different from what we happen to be able to taste easily) so it’s very unlikely that two tasters experience exactly the same sensations when they smell a wine. This is why there are no absolutes in wine tasting. No-one can accuse you of being wrong in your opinion of a wine”.