Events & Tastings

Throughout the year we hold a number of events and tastings to help you better understand the mysterious world of wine, beer and spirits. These consist of two informal ‘walk around’ tastings to help familiarise yourself with our range, and numerous smaller ‘masterclass’ style tastings, aimed at exploring certain products, regions or styles in more depth.

There are currently no upcoming events.

Past events

Summer Tasting 2019

7th July 2019

This year we held our Annual Summer Tasting at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. Thank you to everyone that came and made it such a great occasion! We had 142 bottles open to taste (including Champagne, spirits and vermouths!). Keep an eye out for our Christmas Tasting... details are soon to be announced!

Burgundy Tasting

20th June 2019

What a great tasting, great education and a great group of people! Big thank you to Vincent from Bourgogne Vigne et Verre for talking through the selection of wines. All the wines are made by producers who respect their land and the environment, which produces fantastic wines. Just a short walk between the vineyards of Chorey-Les-Beaune and Ladoix, but a massive difference in style! Terroir at its finest.

Wine Tasting of South African Wines

15th May 2019

An intimate tasting with founder and winemaker at Painted Wolf Wines, Jeremy Borg who set up a winery with the aim of contributing funds to wildlife conservation. From day one, a portion of his turnover was donated to conservation projects in South Africa. A remarkable man, with many a good story, and a range of fantastic wines including a Rousanne which is only produced by a handful of wineries in South Africa. Joint favourites on the night were The Den Sauvignon Blanc and Pictus IV.

Private Tastings

Private Tastings

Although we don’t typically hold tastings in-store, if you can provide the venue, the guests and any catering required, we can step in and supply everything else needed for the tasting! Ideally, tastings are held for multiples of 15 people (15, 30, 45 etc). There is a flat fee of £75 to host the tasting and then a per head charge to cover the cost of the wines used; the larger the budget the more premium the wine we are able to show.

We have a three-tier per head costing system:

  • Bronze – £6 a head
  • Silver – £8 a head
  • Gold – £10 a head

We have found that every tasting is different and everyone has different aims and a different crowd to cater for, but we’re confident that whatever you circumstances, whatever your budget, we can deliver the tasting experience you are looking for.