Customer’s Wine Reviews

Please let us know how you feel about the wine you’ve bought from us. Tell us stuff like what you bought, what you were expecting, did you like it, what did you eat it with, did you feel it was value for money, what would you score it out of 100 etc. We just want to know what you think, so please send us a review. Thanks.

  • Titiana 2012 Brut Rosé, Pinot Noir, Cava from Spain

    20th June 2019 by Laurence Parry

    What to drink when you’re away for a week?   You’re by the sea, its a sunny afternoon (its sunnier in real life), so it’s a rosé. But its Father’s Day, so its something a bit more special, so its a pink fizz.

    I bought this a couple of years ago and forgot I had it, till packing for the week. For the wine geeks, its a 2012 Parxet Cava Titiana, 100% Pinot Noir. For anyone, its a lovely orangey rosy pink, still with a lot of fizz and with a very nice strawberry/redcurrant taste but not too sweet at all.

    And pretty perfect for the day and place. (Elie – south coast of Fife; across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh and along a bit!)


  • Paso-Prima

    8th June 2019 by Shaun Sykes

    Tom introduced us to this wine a few months ago and we snap it up every time it goes back on the shelves. Really nice to hear about the wine blender and cannot wait to go to the wine tasting evening for this particular wine.

    Paso Prima is a red wine from Spain, a Garnacha/Cabernet Sauvignon blend. (14%). It is £17.49 a bottle. 

  • Cune Reserva

    31st May 2019 by Sheila Moss

    At 2 for £25 I wish I had bought 2. The Rioja is so fruity and easy drinking.

  • Willunga 100 The Tithings

    24th May 2019 by Tim Woodward, Morecambe.

    “We were having guests over for Sunday lunch and I had chosen to roast a duck. I asked for advice on wines from Matt at The Whalley Wine Shop and he recommended Willunga 100 The Tithings, a pure Grenache from the McLaren Vale. 
    A big wine, it smelled of strawberries and tasted of raspberry and rich, dark cherries. The finish was long and slightly smokey. The sweet fruit flavours made it an ideal match for the duck and we loved it. I suspect it would also go well with slow-cooked lamb and even a barbecue. Thanks a lot, Matt!” Tim Woodward, Morecambe.