20th May 2020 by Rachel Wallhouse

During these strange times we’ve all had different coping mechanisms. Things such as binge-watching peculiar box sets such as “Tiger King”, family quizzes via zoom all the way through to virtual spin classes, the list is long and eclectic. We get urged to try something new and different like learning a new language. Well this week’s Wednesday Night Sausage Wine fills that brief and is also far easier and more enjoyable than a virtual spin class (so I would imagine!) and, thankfully, less weird than Joe Exotic in Tiger King. Yes, it’s a German Sauvignon Blanc.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of Britain’s favourite grapes. It’s homeland is the Loire Valley in France but of course Marlborough in New Zealand has also become a hugely favourite location for Sauvignon’s charms. The “Sauvignon Wave”, as the Australians refer to it, has spread throughout the world not always with great success. Sauvignon doesn’t thrive in overly warm climates. Our Sauvignon is from an area of Germany called Pfalz. It is home to some of Germany’s brightest and talented young winemakers. It is, thanks to the Haardt mountain range, one of Germany’s sunniest and warmest regions with over 1800 hours of sunshine a year without, of course, being too warm. Kalkstein is also a chalk rich soil similar to the Loire where the grape thrives.

I must say I didn’t quite know what to expect from this wine but I was really pleasantly surprised by it. The Kalkstein Sauvignon had a lovely crisp minerality, was fresh and zesty with citrus, grapefruit and slightly tropical fruit notes but had an attractive fleshy ripe mouthfeel as well. Sometimes I feel Sauvignon can have a few sharp notes and jagged edges – not in this case. It falls somewhere between an Old World and New World Sauvignon and would go really well with Chinese food, seafood and fish. We had it with Pan-fried Cod and Chorizo and it worked a treat.

So the combination of Britain’s favourite grape, Sauvignon, and the most underrated wine region in Germany, has produced a really good value and reasonably versatile wine; it’s good with food and good on it’s own as, say, an aperitif and at just £9.99 it’s a bargain! So after you’ve finished your spin class, zoomed your family, settle back, crack open the lovely Kalkstein Sauvignon Blanc and be entertained by Joe Exotic – strange times indeed!

Kalkstein Sauvignon Blanc is available from The Whalley Wine Shop for just £9.99 (buy online here) or 6 for £57 (buy online).

Keep well, stay safe