25th July 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

There has been a recent trend in wineries releasing their products in cans. Which is why The Whalley Wine Shop wants to explore the advantages of wine in a can, with some delicious recommendations too!

First, let’s have a look into the environmental advantages of wine in a can. With everyone more conscious about the environment, and our carbon footprint, wine in a can has stormed the market at the perfect time! As Matthew Allan and Kenny Rochford from West + Wilder explain: “there are a number of benefits when opting for cans instead of glass bottles- lower carbon footprint by reducing weight and promoting more efficient recycling are just the start”. Which is great news for the environment.

Amazing. Drinking wine out of the can is better for the environment, BUT, it’s also perfect for your drinking needs. Canned wine is MUCH faster when chilling it down. Which is why it’s so perfect for festivals, picnics, lounging by the pool etc. Whatever you’ve got planned for the weekend, think wine in a can. Plus, no glasses are needed, you can just drink it straight from the can!

Still not convinced? The compact size means that those of us who are booze-conscious will have the exact amount, which means that you’ll no longer feel burdened with having to drink a full bottle! I could go on. But I’ll leave it to the experts… as Alloy Wine Works explore: it “is the perfect balance of inventive spirit and rural charm. In the can is pure craft wine. Not because we want to seem “hip” or “relevant” but because we want to”.

We currently stock 2 products which are amazing! Both wines are from the Central Coast California, the grapes are “hand harvested and carefully blended to create something that’s truly Californian”.  The Chardonnay is aged for 12 months in stainless steel, where notes of vanilla are developed. On the palate you can discover lemon, pie crust, pears and almonds. It really is delicious! While the Everyday Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Graciano, Syrah and Zinfandel. Think blueberry pie, cherry cola and ripe blackcurrent. Lovely. If you’re looking for a low sulphur, natural and vegan friendly (plus affordable) wine this is for you!

Now only £9.99 at The Whalley Wine Shop. Why not come pay us a visit and we’ll be able to find your perfect tipple! Want to get in touch? We’d love to hear from you! Message us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.