20th June 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

Tickets to our Summer Tasting event on Sunday July 7th were released recently and over three quarters have been snapped up already. If you’ve never been to one of our tasting events, and want to know a bit more about them, read this handy FAQ guide below to glean a bit more information… and click on the image above to see a video of our last tasting at Holmes Mill.

1) “I’m not really that into wine, is this event for me?”
Yes! It’s perfect for people wanting to learn a little bit more about wine or simply get introduced to some wines they might enjoy. Where else would you get the chance to try over 100 wines at your own pace and with zero pressure to buy? Also if you’re REALLY not into wines, and gin is more your thing, we will also have over 20 spirits open to taste including a brand new gin range from Scotland. 20 spirits for just £20… Sounds like a good deal even if you’re not into wine!

2) “Do I have to sit and listen to someone drone on about wine?”
Not at all. The format is what we call a ‘walk around tasting’, the room will be laid out with tables with different numbered wines and spirits on them, you will be given a glass on arrival and also a handy tasting booklet listing everything to taste. You’re then let loose to taste whatever you want!

3) “Will it be all stuffy and full of people talking about ‘aromas of wild organic mulberries’?”
Not at all. We aim to make the tastings really casual, fun and engaging. What we want is a room full of great people all socialising, tasting wine and having a good time. Nothing more.

4) “But can I get some advice on the day if I want?”
Of course. Every table is run by one of our suppliers, someone who knows the wines in front of them inside out and can give you any info you need. They are also really nice people (we don’t invite the snooty ones!). On top of that Jen and I are on hand all day and most of The Whalley Wine Shop team will make an appearance at some point. It will also be the perfect opportunity to meet the THREE new recruits we will have starting with us in July, come and get introduced to the newbies!

5) “Do I have to pay for anything on the day?”
No. The ticket to the event is £20 and this covers everything – tasting booklet, all the samples you want to try, canapes, nibbles, music, entertainment, everything. A nice Sunday out for £20, not a bad deal!

6) “Will there be cheese?”
Of course! Loads. We’re not savages!

7) “Do I have to buy wines on the day?”
No you don’t. We are more than happy having lovely people having a great time tasting wines than anything else. All the wines on taste ARE available to order and there will be some great deals and offers exclusively available on the day but there is definitely no expectation on you to order or buy.

8) “How long does it drag on for?”
Drag on?? This will be an enjoyable Sunday afternoon or evening out! You can choose from either the 12-3pm session or the 4-7pm session (you wont need to do both trust us!). You don’t have to turn up exactly on time or stay till the end, it’s really flexible and you can go at your own pace. We recommend about 2 hours as a minimum to get the most out of the tasting though.

9) “Will there be anything fun going on?”
What? You mean apart from the room full of lovely people, copious amounts of wine and all the cheese you can eat?? Well, in fact, yes! We have the super talented Arthur Geldard on hand performing jazz and swing classics all day long! Plus we usually rustle up some fun and quirky entertainment nearer the time so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

10) “Where is the tasting and how do I get there?”
The tasting is in the function room above the Holmes Mill Beer Hall in Clitheroe. There is some parking if you are driving however we would recommend getting a lift, a taxi or using public transport so you can enjoy the tasting fully. Clitheroe has excellent bus and train links and plenty of local taxi firms.

Our Annual Summer Tasting is on Sunday 7th July at The Party Room at Holmes Mill Beer Hall, to book e-mail Jen now at jen@thewhalleywineshop.com and please remember to specify whether you want to attend the afternoon or evening session. To see what it’s like we shot a video of the last tasting we did at Holmes Mill, and you can see it right here… TASTING AT HOLMES MILL DECEMBER 2018

Cheers and Thanks,

Tom and the The Team at The Whalley Wine Shop.