17th December 2018 by Rachel Wallhouse

When its your turn to drive, and you’re definitely off the alcohol, what do you drink?

Well the guys at Drynks Unlimited have produced an alcohol free beer and an alcohol free cider and they taste really, really good! They’re called Smashed Hops and Smashed Apple, we stock both of them, and they’re well worth having around when you’re the one behind the wheel.

According to Drynks Unlimited they “summoned the best of old brewing brains and young white-coated wonders and issued them with a challenge: Give us a glass of something that feels like, smells like and tastes like the stuff we prefer. But knock the alcohol on the head”. The result is the cleverly crafted triple-process perfection that comes only from Drynks Unlimited. Great-tasting (non-alcoholic) drinks that you’re happy to spend time with.

The beer is called Smashed Hops and it’s a pale gold sparkling liquid with fresh, clean aroma expressing English malt, hints of hop and a touch of citrus. The taste has been crafted for pure refreshment and has pleasant malty base notes accented with just the right amount of hops for perfect balance and sessionability. The product has great mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness pairs perfectly with the slightly sharp citrus notes for the end finish – truly unique. Smashed Hops is an alcohol free beer which contains English barley and natural citrus flavours. It is vegan friendly and has only 94 calories per bottle.

The cider is called Smashed Apple and is a golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples. The taste delivers pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. The initial refreshing upfront green apple taste is perfectly complimented with a great mouthfeel and a satisfying mature English cider finish – great refreshment & moreish. Smashed Apple is an alcohol free cider which is gluten free, vegan friendly and only 84 calories per bottle.”

They both come in 330ml bottles at just £1.99 each. We also have a case deal availablle where you can buy 12 bottes for 22.50 (1.87 per bottle)