10th May 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

Nick Hoyle is our “voice of experience and learned sage of wine wisdom!” and a much loved and core part of the team here. Last week he introduced customers to one of his favourite wine buying concepts the “Wednesday night sausage wine” – the idea that you can find (and get really excited about) great value wines that do exactly the job you need them to… for example pair nicely with a mid week dinner of ‘normal’ food, without breaking the bank. The column went down really well, with many customers trying his recommendation the Italian red ‘Biferno’. Today he looks at a white.

Wednesday Night Sausage Wine #2 – Domaine de la Noë Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie.

Muscadet has possibly been seen as a little unfashionable for a while; a white wine that’s a little too “old school” perhaps to be exciting and, maybe, some old fashioned wine making techniques have made it a little austere in the past but should we be governed by fashion? Let us rather be guided on this by a wine eminence such as Jancis Robinson, who has hailed it as ‘great value and a canny buy’. Muscadet is now being made better than ever before. The revolution in wine making throughout the world has certainly not missed out Muscadet situated there on the Atlantic coast of the Loire region in France.

Domaine de la Noe Muscadet’s refreshing crisp lightness makes it a valuable addition to one’s wine repertoire. It is “sur lie” which means that it has spent extended time on its lees. Essentially these are dead yeast cells and they remain in contact with the wine for longer than usual and in doing so impart greater character and give increased complexity to the wine. A similar technique is used in Champagne.

Domaine de la Noe (12%), goes beautifully with seafood. We had it with Moules Mariniere, which is a classic combo, but it also handled with surprising panache a spiced chicken dish with the wine’s refreshing citrus acidity providing a good foil to the spiced heat of the food. Also if you enjoy a salad with simple plain grilled white fish you won’t go far wrong with this wine.

So give Domaine de la Noe Muscadet a go – We have the 2018 vintage in stock, its £8.99 a bottle and it’s a snip at that price, great value, and don’t be misled by fashion, as Quentin Crisp once remarked “ fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are.”

Try it, you’ll love it!


Whalley Wine Shop Nick Hoyle

Tasting Notes.

Colour – The Domaine de la Noe Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie is a lovely, pale yellow colour with a very slight touch of gold.

Nose – Refreshing and elegant, with lemon citrus notes, lime and slightly richer notes of hazelnut and yeasty lees.

Palate – Very elegant and quite aromatic. There is more citrus notes, lemon flesh and lime peel, with a lingering richness from being left to mature sur lie. There is a very slight fizzy finsh to the wine, adding a further lightness.