10th January 2020 by Rachel Wallhouse

This month we are exploring all things new and exciting to get your taste buds tantalising. To kick off the month we’d love to show you some new beers that we’ve got in store. Whether you’re joining in with ‘Try January’ or ‘Dry January’ we’ve got something for you which we just know you’ll love! Lets make January a month for trying something new…

We can always rely on Cloudwater Brewing Co. to release an exciting range and their one-off beers are sure to raise your spirits this January. Cloudwater Brewing Co. collaborate with some of the world’s best breweries, and produce a modern take on classic styles. View some of the range below…

If You Listen Carefully (Pale Ale)
5% VOL, 440ML
This joyful Pale Ale is bursting with smooth honeydew melon, lychee and Seville orange with background earthy notes. Pithy grapefruit flavours mix with green pear and resinous notes.
£3.79 per can


A Scabrous Edge Of The Sky (DIPA)
8% VOL, 440ML
Enjoy fresh tangerine, soft peach and tangy passion fruit, leading to notes of pink grapefruit and punchy resin. This Double Indian Pale Ale is full bodied, soft and smooth with a sweet finish.
£5.49 per can


The World, Just As It Is (Vienna Lager), 5% VOL, 440ML
Perfect balance between subtle sweetness and crisp bitterness create a lager that’s at once complex yet easy drinking. The twist comes from the use of a New Zealand hop variety known for bright citrus and marmalade flavours.
£3.29 per can


Love In The Dark (Imperial Stout)
10% VOL, 440ML
This sipping Stout is deliciously deep and smooth, loaded with additions of cocoa, hazelnut and vanilla, with a touch of fenugreek used for maple-like sweetness. It is a collaboration with Track Brewing Co. who are born and raised in Manchester
£7.49 per can

We also have an exciting range from Brynks Unlimited, who have released alcohol free beer and cider. These are ideal for those partaking in ‘Dry January’- they taste great and are also low in calories.
Smashed Hops Soft Beer and Smashed Apple Soft Cider are both 0.05% ABV and vegan friendly! The range has been designed to create new, premium and desirable social drinking alternatives. View the range…

Smashed Hops Soft Beer, 0.05% ABV, 330ML
Vegan friendly and only 94 calories per bottle!
“A pale gold sparkling liquid with fresh, clean aromas expressing English malt, hints of hop and a touch of citrus. The taste has been crafted for pure refreshment and has pleasant malty base notes accented with just the right amount of Hops for perfect balance. A hint of sweetness pairs with the sharp citrus notes.”
£1.99 per bottle

Smashed Apple Cider, 0.05% ABV, 330ML
Gluten Free, Vegan friendly and only 84 calories per bottle!
“Golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples. The taste delivers pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. Refreshing green apple taste is complimented by a great mouth feel and mature English cider finish- great refreshment!”
£1.99 per bottle

Did you know that we serve non alcoholic beers to drink in? Why not pop down and try a Drynks Unlimited Beer or Cider in store!
Stay tuned for next weeks ‘Try January vs. ‘Dry January’ where we will be looking into other products offered at The Whalley Wine Shop!