22nd October 2019 by The Whalley Wine Shop Team

Here at The Whalley Wine Shop we love uncovering secrets! This remarkable gin is no exception. It’s loved so much by our staff members we thought we’d share their story with you… 

Hamish, a wine merchant, began to pursue his lifelong passion for plants by gaining a Herbology Diploma. Along Liberty’s (his wife) passion for all things vintage the overgrown lowlands became an award-winning herb nursery, local arts centre, shop and café.

The Secret Herb Garden has over 600 naturally grown and tendered varieties of herbs that have been used in the production of many wonderful natural products: candles, beer, wine and herbal salts among them. As well as providing top Edinburgh restaurants with unique natural ingredients.

With over 30 year’s experience in the drinks trade and a passion for creating unique tipples from glorious natural ingredients, Hamish began experimenting. Beginning with Apothecary Rose, an ancient ingredient in tonics, he discovered a natural reaction that can only be explained by the magic of nature; a natural colour change, the magical beginning of Secret Garden Gin.

Over time Hamish developed many more concoctions of fine gin and hand-grown herbs, then took to exploring a barn full of curious things. Among the odds and sods, and the bits and bobs, Old Curiosity was founded in 2017.

View the full range:

Pink Elderflower and Jasmine
“The relaxing property of Elderflower is perfectly complemented by the restorative nature of Jasmine in this beautifully balanced fusion of fine botanicals. The liquid changes from salmon pink to vibrant pink when you splash a dash of tonic”.

Lemon Verbena
“A refreshing dry gin, with a natural citrus note and a hint of lemon sherbet. We have created this gin with fresh lemon verbena which is hand-harvested from our very own Secret Herb Garden and then, as always, it is distilled and bottled with love”.

Geranium & Mallow
“The Geranium is a plant that is so rich in aromas, with scents of warm tropical air, fresh green tea and floral tones that are reminiscent of roses and jasmine intermingled- these distilled flowers are then added to the gin where all these characteristics are enriched and enhanced to produce a rich, heady but beautifully balanced, soft textured and flavoured gin”.


Apothecary Rose
“This gin is subtle in fragrance, and naturally floral in flavour. A romantic companion to our perfectly distilled gin.”


Chamomile & Cornflower
“An infusion of pure cornflower pigments, naturally a vivid blue, and the subtle notes of the chamomile flower. A calming tincture that embodies the magic of nature”.

Lavender & Echinacea
“Infuse the restorative qualities of Lavender with the petals of an Echinacea flower, and breathe. If ever a gin could comfort the soul it would be this. It’s a curious thing a colour-changing gin… but we know that every glorious botanical is 100% natural, grown and hand-picked by us in our very own Secret Herb Garden”.

Available from The Whalley Wine Shop, only £33.99 per bottle.