29th March 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

At just £74.99 our ‘Quaffable Case’ is the best selection of great value wines from the shop, mixing great quality with an exceptional price. In a smart, presentable 12 bottle case with full tasting notes.

A case stuffed full of great quality, enjoyable wines with a couple of real gems thrown in just for good measure. At just £6.25 a bottle, for wines of this quality, this case really is a fantastic bargain!


  • Dona Paula Sauvignon Blanc – Mendoza, Argentina, 2016, 11%. An excellent producer of consistently good quality wines based around Mendoza. Sauvignon from Argentina typically displays bright green apple fruit, crisp citric notes and fresh cut nettles. This example is dry, crisp and with bright acidity. Lean, taut and fresh and a lovely light 11% alcohol makes this a perfect aperitif white great with tempura prawns and fresh lime.
  • San Antini Pinot Grigio – Sicily, Italy, 2017, 12.5% This lovely Pinot Grigio isn’t just a pretty looking label, the wine quality backs it up as well! Produced in Sicily the slightly warmer climate brings out the riper fruitier style that Pinot Grigio can show. Softer and more rounded than it’s Veneto name sake and with a more interesting avour pro le, with peach and white stone fruit and a lovely soft texture. Clean, rounded and very pleasant. Great with simple aglio el olio.
  • Cleefs Chenin Blanc – Coastal Region, South Africa, 2016, 13% South Africa has always been one of the best producers in the world of good quality Chenin Blanc, especially at great prices. This wine delivers both. With a rich nose of soft baked apple fruit mingled with smoky manuka honey, the palate continues with a nice rich weight and ripe fruit however freshened up with a touch of acidity to produce a nice balanced wine that will be great with a roast pork and apple dish.
  • Cuvee Montplo White – Tolosan, France, 2016, 11.5% A great example of light and fresh White from the area around Languedoc in the South West of France. This area is a hotbed of producers making bright, clean, quality wines for the UK. Lovely fresh delicate fruit on the nose with subtle hints of oral blossom. Pretty, delicate and fresh on the palate with light citrus notes and soft white fruit. A nice sensible alcohol and fresh tingly acidity make this ideal for smoked salmon.
  • Andrew Peace ‘Gold Reserve’ Chardonnay – South Eastern Australia, 12.5% Andrew Peace are renowned for making ultra consistent and reliable wines. A very typical style of Aussie Chardonnay produced at a very good price. On the nose a hint of soft melon and tropical fruit character. Palate shows a nice soft creamy weight and soft rounded texture. Good juicy soft fruit and super easy drinking. Ideal with roast Chicken salad.
  • Baron Philippe de Rothschild Sauvignon – Pays d’Oc, France, 2017, 12.5% From the Rothschild family’s holdings in the Languedoc. An absolute pioneer of top quality French wines, this little pair show they apply the same care and skill to their more a ordable options. This Sauvignon has crisp, fresh citrus fruit just a dab more texture than some, crisp, tingly acidity and a lovely balanced nish with lingering fruit. Classic light French Sauvignon, perfect with Quiche and Salad.


  • Dona Paula Cabernet Sauvignon – Mendoza, Argentina, 2016, 13.5% This wine was originally produced for the Gaucho Group where it would have been sold on the restaurant wine list at £20+ here it o ers great quality for an incredible price. Classic Cab aromas and avours of black currant cassis giving lovely juicy fruit, soft mid weight tannins that are present but ne and a nice soft lingering nish. Great quality, easy drinking Cabernet perfect with spicy beef chilli.
  • San Antini Montepulciano – Sicily, Italy, 2016, 12% A classic region for producing good quality drinking wines at very reasonable prices. This Montepulciano is made in a lighter style, a nice low refreshingly 12% alcohol, with a focus on the pure clean red fruit rather than big rich, rustic dark fruit. Notes of redcurrant, soft cherry and even a touch of sweet raspberry in the nish. A little line of acidity keeps it fresh and a touch of tannin in the nish adds a little robustness. Good, honest, easy drinking Southern Italian red ideal with Lasagne.
  • Cleefs Shiraz/Viognier – Western Cape, South Africa, 2015, 14.5% A big rich red from South Africa but made using a nifty little trick picked up from producers in the Northern Rhone. Shiraz is a big, dark, brooding and often overly heavy grape. However adding a small % of the White grape Viognier to the blend adds a beautiful colour in the wine, lifts the oral aromas slightly and adds a prettiness and touch of nesse. Dark moody fruit, touch of smoke but lifted oral spice notes and nice rich silky tannins. Big red perfect for the rst Spring BBQ steak!
  • Valdevina Malbec – Famatina Valley, Argentina, 2017, 12.5% From a warm fertile valley to the North of Mendoza this cracking little Malbec is made by Argentinas largest Co-operative, a network of 500 families who grow grapes and produce wine under the La Riojanas label. The warmer climate results in lovely soft, juicy fruit developing and no Oak is used in the wine to keep it light, fresh and easy drinking. Flavours of blackberry mingle with soft juicy blueberry and nice light tannins and a moderate 12.5% alcohol make this an easy drinking Malbec packed full of avour. Perfect with tomato based curries.
  • Andrew Peace ‘Gold Reserve’ Shiraz – South Eastern Australia, 12.5% Easy drinking Australian Shiraz at a stunning price. A lighter, juicy style but with a lovely approachable and crowd pleasing style. Lots of sweet, jammy, blackberry fruit with a little hint of pepper spice and liquorice. Soft, light and juicy with fairly light tannins in the background. Low acidity makes this a lovely soft, easy, fruity red. Perfect with tomato based curries.
  • Baron Philippe de Rothschild Merlot – Pays d’Oc, France, 2017, 14% From the same stable as the Sauvignon this Merlot is as classic and text book as regional French Merlot can get. Soft dark fruit reminiscent of damson, ripe plum, and red hedgerow fruit. Nice mid weight style, tannins are fairly dry but also ne and not too grippy. Good fruit, rm tannins, subtle acidity results in a nice classy regional French Merlot that punches well above its price tag. Try with Sunday roast beef.
  • 12 BOTTLES ONLY £74.99… OR JUST £6.25 PER BOTTLE!