31st May 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

Our Nick is keen to introduce customers to his favourite wine buying concept the “Wednesday night sausage wine” – good wines that go with the ‘ordinary food’ you might eat at home on a Wednesday night, without breaking the bank. In his blog post #4 Nick looks at a wine that’ll go with grilled or barbecued sausages, what else!

The Wolftrap Red, Syrah, Mourvedre, Viognier 2018 Western Cape, South Africa (14.5%)

The lovely weather we’ve had in the last few weeks (and hopefully in the next few weeks) is the inspiration behind this week’s “Wednesday Night Sausage Wine”. The barbecue has been dusted off and that lovely wood smoke smell is once again permeating the air. So what wine to choose? A constant great value “go to” wine in the shop is the Wolftrap red. Its a terrific Rhône inspired blend of Syrah, Mourvedre and Viognier from one of South Africa’s top wineries, Boekenhoutskloof. These are the good people who bring us the famous and delicious Chocolate Block wine. The Wolftrap’s blend of grapes each play their part. The Syrah brings a lovely, black cherry, plummy spiced fruit, the Mourvedre a touch of smokiness and the Viognier smooths things out and gives a bit of vibrancy to the whole blend. All these are essential qualifying characteristics for a barbecue wine or a braai wine as it would be in its native South Africa.

A barbecue wine has to cope with some pretty powerful flavours, it has to have a bit of presence, it is certainly no place for a delicate shrinking violet of a wine. The Wolftrap therefore is just the wine for the job. So if the weather is good, get the barbie going break out the steak, the ribs, the burgers and the sausages (of course!) and grab a few bottles of Wolftrap red. Its a real Wednesday night (barbecued) sausage wine or a “Woensdag nag boerewors wyn” as it may be known in its home country! Also, while waiting for the coals to fire up, get your palate up and running with the Wolftrap white blend; a blend of Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc and Viognier. Its refreshing mouth watering flavours of slightly spiced apple and almonds are just the stimulation and freshener needed before the big meat fest! Both the red and the white are £8.99 at The Whalley Wine Shop, or buy a case online here.

So remember, if you’ve sausages on the barbie, watch out for the Wolf!

Try it you’ll love it!

Cheers, Nick