6th May 2020 by Rachel Wallhouse

Here at The Whalley Wine Shop we are massive fans of the wines from Philippe Raimbault. We want to share an amazing opportunity to “meet” the winemaker and hear all about their wines in a virtual masterclass to enjoy at home! Tune into ‘Winemakers Live’ on Facebook from 7pm on Wednesday the 6th of May to find out more.

Owner and winemaker Philippe Raimbault is lucky enough to own some of the top class vineyards in Sancerre, which run along both banks of the Loire River in Pouilly-Fumé and Coteaux du Giennois. These top quality Sancerre’s are made from exceptional hand-picked fruit, grown on soils that date back 130 million years to the Jurassic period and are perfect for producing supreme Sauvignon Blancs. Their wines are well worth exploring!

Don’t take our word for it though….tune into ‘Winemakers Live’ on Facebook from 7pm on Wednesday the 6th of May to hear from Philippe Raimbault in Sancerre.

How it works:
1. Buy a bottle of Philippe Raimbualt Sancerre. Why not settle down with a glass of Sancerre (or two!) and enjoy the virtual masterclass in the comfort of your own home. (We will have these wines ready to collect from the shop on Wednesday 6th of May).
2. At 6.55pm on Wednesday load up the tasting, the link can be found below, to watch the winemaker live in Sancerre (but don’t worry you can see and hear them but no-on else can see you!)
3. Listen to how the wine is made, where and by who. You can also get interactive and type questions during the tasting if you want.
4. Enjoy drinking the wine with a new insight into who makes it!

Click here to “meet” the winemaker. 


Domaine Philippe Raimbault, Les Godons, Sancerre, France, 2018
Phillipe Raimbault’s family have been making wine for several generations. The vineyard forms a natural amphitheatre on a very steep slope, protected from the wind and has very good exposure to the sun. Les Godons vineyard is truly blessed with a unique micro climate, giving a rich complex Sancerre with tropical fruit and great length.

Only £19.99 per bottle.



Domaine Philippe Raimbault, Les Chasseignes, Sancerre, France, 2013
Les Chasseignes slopes are composed of limestone soil, ideal for growing Sauvignon Blanc. These steep slopes provide the vines with optimal exposure to sunlight. This fine Sancerre is vinified in oak barrels. Enjoy subtle greengage fruit and a very creamy texture that builds towards the finish.

Only £26.99 per bottle.


*Special offer- Les Godons and Les Chasseignes- only £46!*

We’ve picked two different styles of Sancerre that will be featured in this weeks episdoe of ‘Winemakers Live’. These are amazing wines and are well worth trying! Let the winemaker take you on a journey of discovery about Sancerre. You won’t be disappointed!

Available to pick up from The Whalley Wine Shop on Wednesday 6th of May.


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