19th December 2018 by Rachel Wallhouse

Looking for a Whisky gift that’s a little different? How about a World first!! A Whisky that brings together English and Scotch Malt whiskies! It’s called ‘Steel Bonnets’ and has been recently launched by the Lakes Distillery in the Lake District National Park.

It’s a fantastic ‘cross border blend’ of Scottish Malt and English Malt distilled in the Lake District. With it being the first of its kind, a real ‘first edition’, and brilliantly presented, this is a must for any collector! It’s in our Christmas brochure at £54.99 (RRP £59.99) but with an extra £5 off, see voucher below, you will be able to buy this for just £49.99 this week only.

Their website says “Steel Bonnets is a blend of kindred spirits – malt whiskies from both England and Scotland. At its heart is single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery, created with love and great care. Encapsulating the History of the Border Reivers it has been created in honour of the memory of those people who lived in the Border Marches of England and Scotland during the 13th – 17th century. Steel Bonnets was the nickname of The Border Reivers, an integral part of Border history in the 300 years leading up to the union between England and Scotland in 1707, which eventually brought peace to this battle-strewn land.”

The Lakes Distillery Master Whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi, said: “I handpicked the individual malt whiskies to create a unique blend – something that has never been tried before. The whisky, at 46.6% ABV, has a creamy, slightly nutty and full-bodied flavour with notes of vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and hints of dried fruit. All held together with a sweet layer of woodsmoke. A fitting tribute to the history of the Border families.”

We’ve just done a search on Google shopping and the cheapest you can get Steel Bonnets anywhere is £53.69. With the  £5 off voucher below you can buy it at The Whalley Wine Shop this week for £49.99. If you’re spending £50 on a whisky lover this Christmas, you won’t go far wrong with “Steel Bonnets”.