12th December 2023 by Rachel Wallhouse

We are delighted to present the fifth edition of our King Street Gin ‘The Arches Edition’. Each a unique recipe with its own story and connection to Whalley. A limited edition Gin, produced each year, by Brindle Distillery exclusively for The Whalley Wine Shop. Available in store & online.

The ‘Arches Edition’ features herbs and berries foraged from under the iconic Whalley arches. Hawthorn berries, rosehips and wild yarrow were foraged and collected by The Whalley Wine Shop team. The wild yarrow is the star, bringing a lovely soft green herb character enhanced with a little hint of spice from the rosehips. Perfect when mixed with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and a sprig of thyme or rosemary.

With only 300 bottles produced, it is a unique, limited edition gin that will never be reproduced. Great to share a real Lancashire Gin with friends and family over the festive period and a great gift to send out to those who have moved away (we can courier a bottle anywhere in the UK for just £6.99).

To order a bottle simply click on this link or call the shop on 01254 822581 or email on mail@thewhalleywineshop.com and speak to the team at the shop who can assist.