26th April 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

Whalley Wine Shop Nick Hoyle

For those of you who pop in the shop regularly you will no doubt have met Nick Hoyle our voice of experience and learned sage of wine wisdom! Nick joined The Whalley Wine Shop about 3 years ago and has quickly become a much loved and core part of the team here. He’s keen to introduce customers to one of his favourite wine buying concepts the “Wednesday night sausage wine” – the idea that you can find (and get really excited about) great value wines that do exactly the job you need them to… for example pair nicely with a mid week dinner of ‘normal’ food, without breaking the bank.

Shamelessly stealing an idea that is doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook here is Nicks list of “5 Jobs I have Done”… 1. Dry Ski Slope Builder 2. Dustman 3. Finance Controller for the coutries largest Chamber of Trade (Birmingham if you were interested!) 4. (Successful) Restauranteur 5. Wine School Educator and now…part of the Whalley Wine Shop Team and writer of the ‘Wednesday Night Sausage Wine’ column on our website! Over to you Nick…..

The Wednesday Night Sausage Wine by Nick Hoyle

If we were to eat just so called “fine dining” all the time, I suspect that most of us would soon tire of it eventually. We would probably be yearning for a bacon sandwich or sausage and mash or something more appropriate to time, place and mood. The excellent wine writer, Simon Woods, coined a phrase that has stuck with me and which I often use and that is the concept of “the Wednesday night sausage wine”.

The” Wednesday night sausage wine” is a wine that is not meant to be fawned over and critically examined but a wine that is just meant to fulfil what I feel to be the first law of wine and that is to be drunk and enjoyed. It is a wine that doesn’t cost the earth and is the perfect accompaniment to sausage and mash and culinary equivalents of this. It’s about horses for courses. Most of us would like a Ferrari but it’s not much cop if you need to move a wardrobe, is it? And a Domaine Romanee Conti would be a bit of a mismatch with the sausage and mash!

So, each week we’ll be suggesting a” Wednesday night sausage wine” for you. It doesn’t have to be a Wednesday or that you’re having sausages but a good value wine that is enjoyable and good in its own modest way rather than a “blingtastic” trophy wine that costs a fortune. After all, as Andrew Jefford wrote in Decanter magazine recently, you don’t have to be stood in the Grand Canyon in order to appreciate nature! So here’s my first WNSW!

Biferno Rosso Riserva – This is a consistent favourite of mine for a really good value (sub £10) wine. Biferno hails from the little known area of Molise on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Sandwiched between Puglia to the south and Abruzzo to the north, this red wine is easy going enough to be drunk without food but has a delightful crisp acidity to be a great match with tomato based dishes from pasta to pizza. I had it recently though with a lovely herby chicken casserole and it was jolly good with that too. Made from Montepulciano and Aglianico grapes, it has a mellow maturity that comes from a few years of ageing in big old Slavonian barrels. Refreshing cherry and plum notes are backed up by a bass section of liquorice and leather surrounded by characteristic scents of Italian wild herb – delicious! So Biferno is brilliant value and spot on if you’re looking for that easy relaxed versatile wine that isn’t going to break the bank and fulfills the ethos of “the Wednesday night sausage wine” to its core! Biferno Rosso Reserve is available at The Whalley Wine Shop, great value at £9.49 a bottle. Try it, you’ll love it!