14th December 2018 by Rachel Wallhouse

Our shop is a customer of Amazon, and we use Amazon for personalise too,  and we have to say that their Prime service is nothing short of excellent. Order this afternoon, turns up tomorrow. So easy.

However, it does leave us cold. Do we like putting more money into the pocket of Jeff Bezos in the USA? Do we like putting money in the pocket of a company that treats its workers so poorly? Do we like putting money in the pocket of a company that avoids paying tax in this country? No we don’t.

We get why its so popular. When we’re all so busy, the ease of doing your Christmas shopping on your phone can be a no brainer. But is it enjoyable? The good feeling of having sorted a “chore” out so quickly doesn’t last long, and leaves us feeling quite empty. Do we really want Christmas delivered in a cardboard box?

Christmas shopping can be a very pleasurable experience, and it should be too. It’s where independent retailers come into their own. Shops try hard to bring the Christmas spirit to its customers. We decorate the windows, put up Christmas lights, in-store decorations, play Christmas music, and generally make it a happy place for you to enjoy shopping. In The Whalley Wine Shop, you can even enjoy a glass of wine while you’re doing it.

But make no mistake, the High St is getting battered, and 2019 will see a surge of retailers, both big and small, giving up the ghost. Of course we will bang on about ‘supporting your local High St’, of course we will espouse ‘keeping it local’, because as an independent retailer its in our interest to encourage your custom. But surely we should all do a little bit more to keep the character of our High St alive and kicking, we don’t want it to become full of empty premises and charity shops. We love the Visa #KeepItLocalThisChristmas tv ad, it really gets across the ambience of shopping in the High St, and the fact that what we really want for Christmas is YOU!. Take a look here.

But we can’t hold back progress and as a business trying to survive we can’t ignore that online selling has to become a part of all retailers modus operandi. So we have taken our first baby steps and made our Christmas Quaffable case and our Christmas Classic Case available to buy online on our website. BUY ONLINE HERE. (If you live within 10 miles we’ll deliver for free, if not the cost of p&p is £9.99 and we aim for next day delivery).