2nd March 2020 by Rachel Wallhouse

Here at The Whalley Wine Shop we love our enomatic machine! It’s a great way to taste wines from as little as £1. If you haven’t used it before, we’re here to help. Ask a staff member when you’re next in and we’ll be able to talk you through it.
In brief, to access the machines, get a (free) card at the till, top it up with money, and insert it into the machine whenever you’re ready for a wine. These machines work by replacing wine taken out of the bottle with inert gas, which protects the wine remaining in the bottle from oxygen. This means that the wine stays fresh for some time after being opened, enabling multiple pouring’s over the course of several days. Enomatic machines are increasingly popular in bars and wine shops as a means of giving customers a taste of a wide range of wines that they may go on to buy. It’s also possible to choose between 25ml, 75ml or 125ml servings if you’re looking for a glass of wine rather than a sample”.

Harvest, 2019, £18.49
Grapes: Pinot Gris
Region: Adelaide, Australia
Alcohol: 13%
Nugget of Usefulness: The brainchild of Brendan and Laura Carter, Harvest is an Australian grower cooperative from Northern Adelaide Hills. 
Tasting Note: A pink tinge. Pink grapefruit, nettles and a little citrus. Very refreshing, with a touch of sweetness at the end. 

Unico Zelo Esoterico, 2018, £22.49
Grapes: Fiano, Zibibbo and Moscatel
Region: Adelaide, Australia
Alcohol: 11.5%
Nugget of Usefulness: The wines are crafted from varieties that require minimal intervention, both in the vineyard and the winery. Natural and Orange. 
Tasting Note: Lots of orange and tangerine on the nose and palate. Packed with citrus with a small herb note at the end. 

Domaine d’Audaux, 2018, £29.99
Grapes: Petit Manseng Sec
Region: Jurancon, France
Alcohol: 14.5%
Nugget of Usefulness: The idea behind Domain d’Audaux is to take the undervalued and extremely high quality grape, Petit Manseng and make the very best wine possible. 
Tasting Note: Aromatic, grapefruit on the nose, with a touch of mead. Citrus freshness on the palate, finished with spcied honey and orange blossom. 
Serving Suggestion: White meats or goats cheese soufflé. 

Puchang Vineyard, 2017, £28.99
Grapes: Rkatsitello and Riesling
Region: Gobi Desert, China
Alcohol: 13.5%
Nugget of Usefulness: Turpan is located in the heart of Xinjang near the Tianshan Mountains Basin, also known as the “Fire Island”. 
Tasting Note: Floral notes, white flower, melon. On the palate there is soft fruit flavours including melon and pear. 
Serving Suggestion: Something lightly spiced, prawns or chicken. 

Alta Pavina Citius, 2014, £21.99
Grapes: Pinot Noir
Region: Castilla Y Leon, Spain
Alcohol: 14.5%
Nugget of Usefulness: Grown in one of the hottest regions in Spain, the heat is offset by the fact that the vineyards are 1000m above sea level, giving cooler evenings. 
Tasting Note: Spiced plums on the nose, and on the palate. Nice fresh acidity on the palate too, with a hint of chocolate at the end. 
Serving Suggestion: Pork paprika stew. 

Helan Qingxue Jia Bei Lan, 2015, £34.99
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Gernischt
Region: Ningxia, China
Alcohol: 13.7%
Nugget of Usefulness: Helan Qingxue Vineyard sits in the foothills (altitude 3700 feet) of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, in north-central China. 
Tasting note: Light red fruits on the nose, with a hint of savoury edge. Lots more savoury on the palate, hints of salami and white pepper. 
Serving Suggestion: Lamb

The Mentors, 2015, £39.99
Grapes: Carmenere
Region: South Africa
Alcohol: 14%
Nugget of Usefulness: KWV is one of South Africa’s leading wine and spirit producers, with an impressive international reputation and history. 
Tasting Note: Lots of oak influence, vanilla, warm cake spices. Packed with lots of berry fruits. Long finish. Matts fave! 

Bodega Volcanes Igneo, 2014, £44.99
Grapes: Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot
Region: Chile
Alcohol: 14%
Nugget of Usefulness: Chile has over 2,900 volcanoes and Volcanes vineyards are located in different valleys across the country with deeper sub-soils rich in volcanic matter. 
Tasting Note: A rich fruity nose, touch of volcano! Well balanced fruit and acidity on the palate. With a hint of smoke and graphite. A wine to ponder on… 

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