24th May 2019 by Rachel Wallhouse

The purpose of our blog is not really to promote our offers, but this one is too good not to bring to your attention. From 10pm today till 10.30pm on Monday night we are giving away a free bottle of wine your choice when you buy 6 bottles.

The way it works is this… Buy any 6 bottles and get a 7th bottle (the lowest price one) ABSOLUTELY FREE! It applies to all wines, ports, sherry, Champagne and sparkling wines (excludes wines already on offer). This offer runs from 10am today until 10pm on Monday evening, the 27th May.

And there’s another offer too…. get a FREE big bottle of Fever Tree AND FREE chalice glass when you buy ANY bottle of gin this weekend… thats right, any bottle of gin and you get a FREE 500ml bottle of Fever Tree tonic (original, mediterranean or elderflower) and a FREE chalice style gin glass.