9th June 2020 by Rachel Wallhouse

We’ve teamed up with The Wine Merchant Magazine & Hatch Mansfield to thank local heroes during Covid-19. We’ve had dozens of nominations and will be announcing two more prize winners on Thursday. Thursday’s winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so make sure you’re following us on social media!

We’ve already had four very deserving winners: Mags Twist, Amy Verity, Rachael Price and Colin Lawrenson who have all received a bottle of Vidal Sauvignon Blanc and Errazuriz Wild Ferment Pinot Noir to thank them for all their hard work and keeping us going.
The remaining winners will all receive a bottle of red and white which have been very kindly donated by one of our customers!

Today’s winners are…

Vic- nominated by her wife Colette
“Vic is a NHS mental health nurse working for the Military Veterans Service. I’m nominating her as she has completed the shopping every week for our elderly parents and neighbours. Sorted issues they’ve had with anything internet related. Even been on a ‘chippy run’ for half of Higham Village!
She continued working but has been redeployed to a triage line in Oldham on night duty which she volunteered to do. She did all this whilst looking after and entertaining our 3 year old daughter!”

Well done Vic! From all of us here at The Whalley Wine Shop we’d like to thank you for all your hard work. A well deserved Local Covid Hero.



Terry- nominated by work colleague Lisa
“I would like to Nominate Terry Hannon who has been a Hero in our Community
Feniscowles and Cherry Tree.
He’s been: delivering food parcels, checking to see if all the vulnerable people are ok (with the help of others) and desperately wanting to see his grandchildren! So Terry is my nomination for giving back to the community when he has lived through sad times”.

Terry is another great example of someone who has gone above and beyond to help others. He’s given so much back to the community which is why we’re delighted to award him as a Local Covid Hero.

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Stay Safe,
The Whalley Wine Shop